Brodie Simpson

The Meaning of Lost

October 4 - 29 2019

Brodie Simpson at Lone Goat Gallery

Brodie Simpson

The Meaning of Lost is a collection of works that embody an explosion of references stemming from love, trust, identity, anxiety, addiction, destruction, spiritualism and the strange beauty of balancing it all in this ever-changing world.

Brodie Simpson is a Designer and Artist residing in the Northern Rivers of New South Wales. Spending the better half of his career working in the apparel industry, his style began to develop out of drawing t-shirt graphics for renowned brands in the surf and skate world.

Wanting to experiment and explore greater depths in his work, he developed a personal practice to allow his mind to wander. Blending surrealist psychedelia with new-age spiritualism, his work is a clash of “high” and “low” culture, questioning everything around him, leaving nothing untouched and believing if you can’t convince them, confuse them.