Laith McGregor & James Ioannau

Rhythm and Motion

17 September – 22 October 2022

Laith McGregor, Lone Goat Gallery, Rhythm and Motion Exhibition 'Bill' pencil on paper 2016

Laith McGregor, 'Bill' 2016 pencil on paper 

Laith Mcgregor, Lone Goat Gallery, Rhythm and Motion Exhibition

Regenerative practice, reuse, and countercultural ideas coalesce in Rhythm and Motion, a collaborative project between Byron Bay locals, James Ioannou and Laith McGregor. A casual conversation about skating sparked this artistic collaboration bringing together skate culture, drawing, and custom deck design. The work explores concepts of isolation, solace, and patience in a response to these unusual times. This collaborative exhibition will include the process of custom skateboard design, a series of intimate works on paper, large-scale wall drawing, and a joint interactive installation.