Andjana Pachkova, Alex Mowbray, Matthew Gorgula, Richard Goodwin, Elefteria Vlavianos, Wendy Arnold

This show brings together, 6 artists from Sydney establishment ONE plus 2 Art Studios. While some of the artists in this group are world-famous, others a permanent fixture at Sydney art scene, yet others are emerging or even coming to art from such varying professions as law and architecture.

What unites this group other than the single, sometimes-leaky, roof in Balmain is their practice while varying in media, uniting in their unflinching search for meaning in Art.

This show is, in a way, a meditation on the fact that Cezanne, claimed by some to be the forefather of the revolution that eventually led to what we know and understand now as modern art, is still a painter whom we all try to emulate (in one way or another).  Over 100 year since Cezanne’s death one generation of young artists after another try to understand and solve the enigma of his visual thinking and reinterpretation of reality.  

And in a way, a lot of painters are still painting the way the impressionist, post-impressionist, abstract expressionist and abstract artists painted in the past century.  Is there Art after Modern Art?  And if so what does this “post-modern,” “post-material”, perhaps, “post-human” Art look like?