Nickolla Clark

Gabul Jagun – Carpet Snake Country

25 June – 30 July 2022

'Arakwal Jagun. My grandmother's country from the Rainforest to the sea including the rivers, sacred sites, our creator and home Ironbark at Tallow Creek. This is ‘Gabul Jagun’, Carpet Snake Country.'

This body of work showcases aspects of Arakwal country in the Byron Shire through the perspective of Nickolla Clark a local Arakwal Bundjalung artist living and working on Country.

'My practice highlights our important, instinctive, sacred connection to Country through key symbols, features and knowledge that has been passed down through many generations. This practice has brought me closer to understanding and expressing the energy, spirit, cultural lore and stories from country and culture within each painting.

The exhibition will explore my personal connection to the land and sea country with the many vibrant and subtle colours of my Country. The theme Gabul refers to my people's totem, the Carpet Snake. This is a good reflection on my heritage. Jagun is 'Country' which is fitting as all my artworks reflect the land in which we live and care for.

These pieces are a collection of my cultural expressions and I hope they evoke feelings of cultural insight and gratitude towards Country. Giving and receiving ‘Garimaa’ – Respect.'

Nickolla Clark, 2022