Alex Carletti ​artworks at Lone Goat Gallery 2017

Alex Carletti

ARTIST TALK - Sunday March 26 2017 - 2.30PM -3.30PM
FORUM & WORKSHOP - Sunday April 2 2017 - 2.00PM - 3.30PM

"In the beginning there was one perception, one reality, one people and one community. The one community then divided into different languages, religion and cultures. This di-vision is a function of the historical process. To heal the di-vision is to restore vision from within, then the outer world conforms to the inner world of cosmic order”.

Art has a role in a new vision and myth for our current times. This exhibition is an exploration of an inner visionary journey of envisioning a world based on the highest principles and aspirations of our species. As a contemplation on universal archetypes, Heaven on Earth is a journey through an alchemical process.

Culture calls upon the arts for the evolution of consciousness and the arts call upon culture for co-operation and an audience for expressing inner truths manifested through the expressive arts.

This artist talk will be a guided meditation through the exhibition, touching upon art history, transpersonal themes, inner realisations and our collective aspiration for a world of peace and harmony. Join the artist for an inspired afternoon of imagineering, consciousness expansion and mystic insight.
Alex Sandro Carletti is a contemporary visionary artist currently based in the Byron Shire. He studied and graduated at Adelaide Central School of Art, focusing his attention upon oil painting.

His artwork emerges through meditations and vision quests often through solitude in nature. As a practising Art Therapist, he has been working in the healing arts for two and a half years, utilising art and shamanic process’ to unravel inner spaces and heal psych- spiritual wounds.

His work seeks to capture transcendence, sacred themes and altered states of consciousness. A spiritual quest for illumination and self-healing have led him through many rites of passage and initiations of understanding and insight, reflected through his art practice.

Alex is also a Tarot reader and will be offering readings during the afternoon at the gallery.
Alex's exhibtion Heaven on Earth is a psychomythic journey through universal archetypes. Alex Carletti seeks to depict a personal vision of a transformative world, cultivated through his personal inner journey and shamanic healing work. Heaven on Earth is a message of hope, renewal and trust in our capacity for self-healing, collective renewal and the sacred responsibility of living on our Planet.

This exhibition is a call for a vision that has the capacity to speak to us personally and guide us towards a sustainable future where the best within is honoured and brought forth. Alex Carletti is new to the Byron Shire and works as an art therapist, tarot reader and guide on the inner path.
This event has now concluded. 2017.