Mambo Artist Talk at Lone Goat Gallery

Join Dare Jennings and artists David Mckay, Paul Mcneil, Jim Mitchell, Robert Moore, Gerry Wedd for this historical round table discussion on the origins of Mambo and ongoing plans to destroy the world.

Join us at Lone Goat Gallery 1PM SATURDAY DECEMBER 01 2019. FREE

MAMBO rose out of the early 1980’s Sydney post-punk scene, founded by Phantom Records visionary entrepreneur Dare Jennings.

Drawing on the talents of self-taught outsiders, muso-slash-visual artists, poster & comic artists and refugees from the Yellow House, Mambo was more an art movement than a clothing brand, built on a foundation of subversive satire, vernacular appreciation, music, surf and politics.

The impact and influence of Mambo continues to be felt, with Mambo alumni continuing their prolific ways and celebrated ways, and a generation of kids who grew up on Mambo now artists themselves.

Lone Goat Gallery is proud to present new works by 8 of the original and most notorious Mambo artists: Matthew Martin, David McKay, Paul McNeil, Jim Mitchell, Reg Mombassa, Robert Moore, Jeff Raglus, Gerry Wedd.

This ain’t no retrospective.