Byron Writers Festival Workshops 2017

Glen Skein Artist Book

Please Note: This is a past event. All bookings for 2017 workshops are now closed.

Workshop - Laurel Cohn: The Structural Edit

Structural editing involves recognising what is working well in your manuscript and what needs further attention. This workshop offers practical strategies and tools to guide writers through the process. Requires writers to have a complete draft of their manuscript.

Date: Mon 31 July 2017
Time: 10.00AM – 4.00PM
Venue: Lone Goat Gallery
Cost: $120/$100*


Workshop - Lisa Brockwell: Poetry - deeper reading for better writing
Reading poems deeply is a sure-fire way to write better poetry. In this workshop we will read a selection of great poems and see what makes them tick. For all skill levels, from published poets to those just starting out.
What’s a sure-fire way to write a better poem?

Read poems. Read widely. Read contemporary. Read the greats, read what you’ve never read before. Read what you love. Why do you love it? Now read what you hate – not for long (this isn’t meant to be torture), just long enough to know why it’s not working.

We will read a selection of great poems, closely, to see what makes them tick. We will explore poetic elements including: metaphor, sound, rhythm, metre, form, domain and lineation and talk about some of the more ineffable features of a poem’s success: inspiration, the muse, the mystery of life and the centre of every great poem.

For all skill levels, from published poets to beginners, and those who would love to write poetry but haven’t quite got there…

There are two prerequisites for this workshop: a belief that there are great poems (as well as mediocre ones). You will need an open mind and willingness to be surprised and engage in the joy of reading poems in a group.

Please note this is not a writing workshop. We won’t be reading poems written by participants but it will fuel your writing.

Date: Tuesday 1 August 2017
Time: 10.00am – 4.00pm
Where: Lone Goat Gallery
Cost: $120 General / $100 Members


Workshop - Faber Writing Academy with Annette Barlow

A one-day course offering aspiring writers the opportunity to find out what really goes on inside a publishing house, how publishers make their choices and how to improve one’s chances of publication. The program will include sessions on sure-fire proposals, editing your first page, opening chapters, how to write a great covering letter and some of the reasons a manuscript may be rejected.

The day will include group sessions along with individual feedback – for this you are required to please send in the first two pages of your manuscript (double-spaced, Times New Roman, Size 12) with your name, the title and the genre in the header or footer at least two weeks ahead of the course date.
Please send your two pages to

Please note that Getting Published is targeted at students who have manuscripts written for the adult market; either fiction or non-fiction.

Date: Wednesday 2 August 2017
Time: 10.00am – 4.00pm
Where: Lone Goat Gallery
Cost: $120 General / $100 Members


Workshop - Books to Screen
A one-day workshop for authors and content creators wanting their work to be noticed.

A screen producer, literary agent and two broadcasters will explain what they look for in choosing books to adapt for film, TV and online productions.

A screen industry specialist and a graphic designer will then guide the workshop participants on how to prepare a pitch to appeal to screen producers.

Each guest speaker will work with a small group advising how to develop pitch material.

Guest speakers include Angie Fielder, Aquarius Films (Lion), Sally Riley, ABC TV, Karen Radzyner, SBS TV and Screen NSW’s Amplifier and Pippa Masson from Curtis Brown.

Sally Riley
Sally is a Wiradjuri woman and Head of Scripted Production at ABC TV responsible for leading the Drama, Comedy, Indigenous and Children’s production teams.

Pippa Masson
Pippa has worked at Curtis Brown since 2001 and built a comprehensive list of adult fiction – across literary and commercial markets.

Angie Fielder
Angie is a producer and partner in Aquarius Films who produced the Golden Globe and Academy Award nominated film Lion.

Karen Radzyner
Karen has recently joined the SBS Scripted team as Commissioning Editor, and continues to oversee Screen NSW’s Amplifier Adaptation program. She is an experienced film and TV producer.

Date: Thursday 3 August 2017
Time: 8.30am – 4.30pm
Where: Lone Goat Gallery
Cost: $115 General / $95 Members


Workshop - Australian Slam Workshop
Word Travels’ Australian Poetry Slam Workshop will inspire you to create your own performance piece. Renowned performers, Arielle Cottingham and Zohab Khan, will share their own material, then help you find new ways to express your ideas. Join in some theatre and writing games to spark your imagination.

1.5 hours : Poetry Slam Bootcamp
Featuring: Australian Poetry Slam Champions Arielle Cottingham & Zohab Kahn
You get two of the world’s best wordsmiths tag-teaming on your writing and performance. This crash course is guaranteed to overhaul your poetry and help you deliver your words straight into the minds of your audience. Be prepared to take creative leaps and walk out with your latest masterpiece.
1.5 hours : Upload My Words
Featuring professional media makers Greg Appel and Tegan Nicholls
So you’ve written it, you’re happy with the way you say it. You’ve even performed for a live audience. Here’s the next step. Video and audio recordings are really easy to create and share. A professional film-maker and a podcast producer take you on a step by step journey from recording to uploading to getting views.

Date: Saturday 5 August 2017
Time: 11.30am – 3.30pm
Where: Lone Goat Gallery
Cost: Free, bookings via OR register on the day