Jeremy Hawkes - The Ghost in the Machine

Jeremy Hawkes' story has recently been shown in a short documentary film, The Ghost in the Machine, produced in collaboration with Northern Rivers-based film makers Sophie Hexter & poppy Walker of HW Collective. 

Diagnosed with early-onset Parkinson's Disease, Jeremy suspends his medication, allowing the tremors to suffuse his work.

Jeremy's exhibition Carapace is now showing at lone Goat Gallery until 11 July, featuring a projection of the The Ghost in the Machine.

The opening night will feature a live performative drawing by Jeremy of The Ghost in the Machine. The resulting drawing will remain on show throughout the exhibition.

The Ghost in the Machine from Sophie Hexter on Vimeo.

An act of surrender in the search for liberation, artist Jeremy Hawkes unleashes the ghost within. Official Selection: Sheffield FF, 2017; Cannes Entre'2 Marches, 2017, Watch Dog Human Rights, 2017; Flickerfest Byron All Shorts, 2017.