Michael Donnelly & Maggie Schreiber

The wishing tree ritual at La Henge is inspired by the Shinto and Buddhist practise of attaching small text or image inscribed tags at a shrine for spirits to receive them. 

The installation at Falls is non-denominational, secular, and revolves around a visual art installation created by Byron Bay artists Michael Donnelly & Maggie Schreiber.

Falls Guests can leave their personal New Year’s Wish at the Wishing Tree by writing on a tag and attaching it by string to a collective art-shrine. The effect is to symbolically liberate the spirit of the wish into the world. 

Directed by local artist and curator Amac, ‘La Henge’ is an Arts program within Falls Festival Byron Bay - an eclectic mix of home-grown northern rivers punk rock, workshops, art installations and performances featuring Howl & Moan Records, Box Wars, Bring A Plate, Prophets, Mandy Nolan Comedy Sessions and cardboard Stonehenge!