Michael Stiegler

Preparing screens for Michael Stiegler exhibtion On Bowery

Micheal Stiegler in Byron Bay to screen print works for his upcoming exhibtion On Bowery. 

On Bowery is a series of works started in 2011 when Michael decided to try his hand at drawing. He had just moved to NYC and was struggling to continue his fashion label ‘Stiegler’, despite having the likes of Kate Moss and Chrissy Teigen wearing it.

He began working in a retail store in Soho where, to make ends meet and decided he needed a creative outlet and began drawing on receipt paper when the store was quiet.

The characters were inspired by the people and faces he would see on his way to and from work. Walking from Soho, down the Bowery to his flat in Lower East Side.

His style is iconic and Stiegler has never drawn the same face twice, possibly drawing tens, maybe hundreds of thousands of faces over the last 7 years.