Paul McNeil Goof Bike

If you hire an alternative artist to design a bike, don’t be surprised if you create a fun-sized surf sled that gets you from A to B – As long as A and B are interchangeably your home and favourite beach. 

Through direct collaboration, alternative artist Paul McNeil and Deus main  Mechanic,  Jeremy “ Frenchie” Tagand, worked together to create a bike that’s old school, not-so-simple and just plain goofy.

The Goof Bike doesn’t fit into the crowd, and doesn’t want to.

A free flowing exhaust and a seat fit for a mayor make for a smooth and comfortable ride, albeit boisterous.

Ape-hangers that’ll give your arms a workout and a custom surf rack that outclasses any umbrella in a storm were fitted to compliment Paul’s artistic touch.

However, no alternative piece would be complete without a bit of rebellion. This otherwise stock Suzuki RV90 has been stripped of what some would deem essential, making this off-kilter “Goof Bike” as unique as Paul. 
No mirrors, no indicators, no worries, just go ya goof!