Shaun C. Murphy, opening night of exhibition Nocturnal Flux at Lone Goat gallery

Shaun C. Murphy & Sons
Opening Night, Nocturnal Flux
Now Showing
March 3 - 15 2017

Art lovers, friends and family joined us at the Lone Goat last friday to celebrate the launch of Northern Rivers painter Shaun C. Murphy.

This exhibition is a construct of a journey we can each take. As individuals we choose our own paths. Along the way we can touch base with natural surroundings, become open to the energy fields and proactively heal ourselves from within. We can open the channels to nature’s free recharge and continue a self-sustaining cyclic bond of unity.

Living in the Northern Rivers for over two decades Shaun’s artistic career involves painting, photography, teaching art classes, curating and exhibiting.

In this exhibition of oil paintings Shaun takes us through a journey with nature and the reciprocal effects of shared energy. Kinetic nocturnal landscapes are enmeshed with flowing human and animal forms in an exploration of how we draw energy from our natural surroundings and how we are eternally a part of nature.

Shaun C. Murphy's Nocturnal Flux
Now Showing from March 3 - 15 2017