W. H. Chong is an artist and a book designer.
He is one of Australia’s foremost cover designers, winner of multiple awards, and is an inductee in the Book Designers Hall of Fame.

Zen and the Art of Cover Design with W.H. Chong
10am - 1pm Sunday June 3 2018

How does a design happen? How does the raw manuscript travel through the many, many discussions in a publishing house before it shows up in a bookstore? Join W.H. Chong, one of Australia’s foremost cover designers for this practical and educational workshop.

Are you a designer, writer, student, budding editor or just curious? Are you interested in the publishing industry or thinking of going down the self-publishing route?

Learn how to tap into your creative self in this three-hour workshop with W.H. Chong, one of Australia’s most highly regarded book designers.

W.H. Chong will take you on a journey through his own creative processes, leaving you with a newfound understanding of the industry, and fresh ideas with which to begin creating your own designs. 

— Where ideas come from
— How chance informs art and design
— Who a cover is for
— How to design the covers for a series like Text Classics, with 120 titles and counting

What to expect
Chong will conduct a hands-on session where you can deploy and take away some essential principles:

— The joy of limitations — The power of type
— Colour as signal
— Image as code

Expect to leave the workshop empowered, enlightened and entertained.

Workshop Details
When: 11am – 2pm Sunday 3 June 2018
Where: Lone Goat Gallery, 28 Lawson St, Byron Bay 2481 Tickets: $60 / $50 Members or students


About W.H.Chong

W. H. Chong is an artist and designer. He is one of Australia’s foremost cover designers, winner of multiple awards, and Design Director at Text Publishing. He was inducted into the Australian Book Designers Hall of Fame in 2013.

Chong’s near life-size portrait of novelist Michelle de Kretser is in the collection of Canberra’s National Portrait Gallery. He has spoken about book design on radio and at literary festivals and written on art and culture for Crikey and Daily Review. He resides in Melbourne.

Chong's exhibition Everything Changes is now showing at Lone Goat Gallery until June 13 2018.