Charmaine Davis is a Goori Woman who is descended from the Gumbaynggir and Bundjalung Nations.

Charmaine has always been a creative soul and as she states ‘It’s in my blood to create’. She has been a practicing artist for the past 14 years. 

A principal theme in Charmaine’s work is the landscapes and history of country. Inspiration for her artistic creations are attributed to her Culture, homelands and family.

Charmaine creates visual portals that allow the viewer to connect with her Art and Cultural visions.

Charmaine is compelled to tell the history of this Country through an Aboriginal lens, highlighting travesties that have occurred and are still having impact in the Contemporary world we live in.

Charmaine lives and works in Ipswich, Queensland but always connects with her family and homelands in Northern New South Wales.