Kei Otsuka is a Japanese artist/surfer with a rather dreamy slant to his artwork. Kei uses gentle colours redolent of nature and the ocean in particular. Kei will be one of the many artists displaying surf art at the festival this year.

"As a surfing painter, To the sea and the city, Connect with the hearts of your friends and family, I want to deliver a smile to your loved ones ...  

I believe in the power of art that I can draw, The feelings of each customer I'm drawing in the picture

Born ​March 3, 1977 in Hokkaido Lives in Saitama. After graduating from high school, he lives as a soccer player in Argentina in South America until age 22.

I met surfing in Japan and lived as a surfing painter at Kei Otsuka Surf Art Canvas since 2013. Byron Bay Surf Festival held in Byron Bay, the easternmost point of Australia. Participated in art shows as guest artists in 2014 and 2017.

2020 Tokyo Olympics event surfing venue Ichinomiya-machi Creative Ambassador. Born from Ichinomiya as an art project in 2017."