Ephemeral Art Making Workshops

at Torakina Nature Reserve

July 30, 2023

Mending & Tending

Ephemeral Art Making Workshop with Samantha Moss, Jess Poulsen and Shona Wilson

Sunday 30th July from 10am – 4pm at Torakina Nature Reserve                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  

Collaborate and create artworks with Samantha Moss, Jess Poulsen and Shona Wilson using natural materials in the Torakina Nature Reserve at Brunswick Heads.

This one day workshop invites the community to respond to the natural environment as a space for sensitive, restorative and creative engagement. Learn ways to create bird habitats, protect native saplings, recognise plants that restore our rivers and the ecosystems they support and understand the importance of reconnecting with nature. 

Take these ephemeral art practices and practical ideas into your own backyard to create change.

Natural artworks will be left on site, as part of the 'Mending & Tending’ project, for the public to encounter and be inspired by.


Meet at the Torakina Nature Reserve in Brunswick Heads (see map for meeting point).

These are free workshops and all materials are provided. Please bring a hat, sunscreen, long sleeve shirt and pants and wear enclosed shoes.

The community are invited to stay for the whole day or drop in and play during the workshop hours. No bookings required.

NOTE: In the event of inclement weather the Gallery and artists will endeavour to reschedule. Please check the Gallery Instagram and Facebook pages for all changes of this nature.


Samantha Moss: will focus on the importance of the river and its fragile ecosystem. Using simple gestures the artist will highlight the importance of the mangrove habitat and the ecosystems they create and foster. Participants will explore the properties of clay and use this material to highlight the impact of erosion on the riverbank and create small ephemeral offerings to the land.

Shona Wilson: will guide participants in the process of creating ephemeral 'tree bandages' using Macaranga leaves found on site. Participants will contribute in creating a sustainable, gentle, and mindful community installation in the park which reflects and encourages a tender connection between nature, the community, and the individual.

Jess Poulsen: will teach participants the art of making tree guards using found sticks and twine to help protect small native saplings to grow. Listen and look out for sightings of local bird species and find out about their habitats and what they need to survive.