Bundjalung Abundance

Group Show

March 22 - April 17 2019

Bundjalung Abundance, Lone Goat Gallery, exhibition Postcard ‚Äč2019

Bronwyn Bancroft, Ella Bancroft 
Rubyrose Bancroft, Euphemia Bostock 
Nickolla Clark, Charmaine Davis, Chenaya Bancroft-Davis
Kianah Davis, Brittany Hegedus, Kyra Kum-Sing, Deborah Taylor

The Bundjalung Nation extends across a large geographical area from the Far North Coast of NSW to the South East Coast of Queensland. 

Women continue to be undervalued in today’s society, in particular Aboriginal women. Curator Bronwyn Bancroft wanted to bring a small group of Aboriginal women to showcase their work at the Lone Goat Gallery in Byron Bay. 

Bundjalung Abundance celebrates the achievements and wonder of Bundjalung women artists across generations. The range of ages of these women is from 17 to 83 years old.

The diversity of ages and artistic practice of each of the women highlights the ‘abundance’ of artistic gifts that each woman offers to themselves, their families, their community and the wider community.

The reward is ultimately for the viewer, the optics allowing all of us to support the survival of these women and their ongoing dedication to culture and highlighting the importance of connection to country and supporting their careers and continuing development.

Bundjalung Abundance was opened by Delta Kay, Arakwal Bumberbin Bundjalung woman, proud mother and grandmother, and Arakwal custodian.