Greg Hodgson

Everything in Its Right Place

November 01 - 26 2019

Brightness and Warmth
395 x 395 mm

Working out of his studio 15 minutes south of Byron Bay on the North Coast of NSW, Greg Hodgson is a coffee/music addicted Auckland born and bred designer/illustrator/artist who crafts original textile prints, apparel graphics and artworks.

"I am known for creating paintings, illustrations and video projects that are textured, energized and psychedelic but also for abstract modernist works that are simplistic and minimal.

I see this duality as being representative of the way I have lived my life over the past twenty years; working in fast paced Graphic Design studios in Auckland, New Zealand and Melbourne before moving my family and our lives to the calmer pace of the Northern Rivers.

As an artist and individual I crave both space and activity, and my studio is where this duality comes through in my work. My paintings and creative studio process is heavily effected by the music

Having been an Art Director/Graphic Designer most of my adult life, I see visual art as my personal outlet, a place separate and unconstrained by corporate briefs or the computer."