REDinc. X Club Lane Multitask

Collab Collective

November 29 2019 - January 21 2020

REDinc. Artists
Collaborating with Kellie O’Dempsey
REDinc. Studio

Club Lane Multitask and REDinc. Art Studio Artists will partner to develop a collaborative exhibition of artworks. REDinc. Studio & Club Lane Multitask are both supported art studios based in the Northern Rivers region and provide inclusive spaces for artists with a disability to develop artworks, experiment and build their art practices within a vibrant studio environment and support from professional artists and arts workers. 

Each studio has a diverse array of artists working in a number of different art forms. The Collab exhibition will showcase the works of emerging artists with a disability from the Northern Rivers region and will include 2D, 3D artworks, painting, drawing, and printmaking, sculpture, ceramics, jewellery, photography, and multimedia. 


The basic premise of the exhibition is collaboration and each studio will develop opportunities to collaborate with each other as well as within their own studio spaces. Exchanging ideas, skills and techniques to create a rich body of work that showcases the artists’ stories and expresses their unique interests and experiences. 

The artists from both studios began collaborating in 2019 through RED Inc.’s Creative Revival Project which received funding from the Foundation for Regional and Rural Renewal. REDinc. Studio invited Club Lane artists to participate in weaving workshops with visiting artist Jillian Bowles. 

The Club Lane & REDinc. artists are now developing a series of woven works that will be part of the Collab exhibition. REDinc. artists have also recently collaborated with guest artist Kellie O'Dempsey on a drawing-based project that will also be included in the exhibition and have shared some of these artworks and newly learned skills with the Club Lane Multitask artists. 

Throughout 2019 artists from the two studios have worked with various guest artists and studio facilitators such as, painter René Bolten, printmakers Michael White, ceramicists Cynthia Manietta and Beki Davies, Joanna Kambourian and graphic designer/illustrator Rose Wadsworth, to make artworks, share skills & collaborate and create a body of works to show in the exhibition. 


Some of the artists currently collaborating together from both studios are:

REDinc artists:

Bec King, Mbatha Nguta, Amy Serone, Nathan Gooley, Justine Rose, Theo MacPherson, Jennifer Lowrey, Willie Mutton, Lucas Wright, John Rose, Lee Spykers, Emily Nobbs, Tim Thompson, Lee Hilder, Naikia Taylor, Susan Andrews, Marianne Wallace, Rachel Moss, Hannah Crawford, Tiffany Hilder, Chloe Jenkins, Madeleine Webster. 

Multitask Club Lane artists: 

Nathaniel Harvey, Jamee Scott, Justin Scott, Justin Byrne, Sachin Moncrieff, Steven 'Universe' West. Weaving womens group: Michelle Phillips, Alicia Skimmings, Alice Bartlett, Carla McLean, Leonie Claydon and Jazz Hubbard, On Khemkhun.